You must be happy and excited after your interview. Needless to say, we all pin our hope high and begin to visualise the letter of appointment in our email box at the earliest.

Hiring is a lengthy and time taking process. Sometimes, it takes more time than one expects. Whatever be the result, we should do what we can in our capacity.

Here are just three things one ought to do immediately after the interview.

  1. A Thank you note:

We should express our gratitude to the interviewer on taking out time for the interview. Never forget the power of gratitude. It works as a persuasion. It gives a strong message to the interviewer. And if you can write a compelling thank-you note, you will be in good books of the interviewer.

2.  Follow up:

You may go through several rounds of interviews. Your job is to keep in touch and keep a tab on the next step. It gives you an idea of the next round(s) of the interview and their type. When you follow up, it shows that you are interested in the job. You should follow-up with the interviewer occasionally.  You can write an email after every round of interview to express your interest in the position.

3. Practice:

While you have already been through multiple rounds of interviews, you take the notes and write your setbacks.

– What went wrong?

– What was the reason?

– How could you rectify them in future?

The more you practice, the better you’ll get at facing interviews with confidence. So, don’t wait for the perfect opportunity, every opportunity is perfect if you are ready to take it.

As soon as your interview ends, you should immediately take a pause and reflect on it. Write down your experiences. And keep working on your weak areas. One day, you will shine and smile.

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