Often we keep hearing from job seekers they get too many calls from recruiters and those seldom get converted into the interview letters. These job seekers remain confused and wonder what went wrong.

If you also have felt the same way at one point of time – here are the five points which will prove to be helpful.

1.  Never Say I am Busy

While you look for a job relentlessly, you might receive a call from the recruiter – for the sake of GOD never say that I am busy! Even if you were busy, you should not have picked up the call in the first place. If you have an important task to kill, you better tell the recruiter to contact after a certain period (say 30 minutes) or you will call them back. And yes, please do call them back as promised if you do not receive the return call.

Recruiter’s perspective:

Any candidate after hearing that call was for job and not interested in conversation, indicates low interest in the job search. Instead of trying again, recruiters tend to move on to the next prospect (candidate). Mind you, Naukri.com alone has a database of 69 million (6.9 crores) candidates – that’s plenty of options for them.

2. Do not be Casual

Recruiters often ask “Explain your role/project in the current company”. This open-ended question is to gauge your communication skills. So please frame your sentences properly to showcase your communication skills. Do not be casual about these types of open-ended questions as the topmost reason for the candidate’s profile rejection is their communication skills only. Be prepared.

Recruiter’s perspective:

Candidates who are unable to explain their role/project will not be able to communicate anything in front of hiring managers. Instead of getting negative feedback from hiring managers, it is better to avoid the risk..

3. Not understanding the Job Description carefully

Many candidates do not probe recruiter about the role and the company details. If they have heard the company’s name, they automatically assume everything about the current open position. Every recruiter has a sales pitch containing the main points about the company and the job description. Let them explain the same in detail and then you can frame your answers according to the needs of the company.

Recruiter’s perspective:

If a candidate lacks listening skills, recruiter marks the first red flag. It could be as lethal as poor communication skills during the selection process. Secondly, the candidate is not providing relevant information which can be game-changer in pushing your candidature. Yes, recruiters could push border-line cases from rejection to selection!

4.  Not Customization of Resume

Candidates prepare only one version of resume for all the companies and profiles. They upload one profile on job portals and are happy with forwarding the same to the hiring manager for different job positions. They seldom see the importance of customising their resume specifically for one specific profile.

Recruiter’s Perspective:

Being a suitable candidate, hopefully, you have listened and understood the requirements of the open position. Now, you expect to provide the recruiter with relevant verbal information as well as written information. The first and significant written information is your resume. Please make the necessary changes and share within a reasonable time (in hours not days).

5. No Show up on Interview day

Due to various reasons, you might not make it to the interview as per schedule. Recruiters assume candidate is no longer interested for this job. Hence, recruiters decide to better drop their candidature.

Recruiter’s perspective:

No-show on the interview are a daily event for recruiters. One-third of interviewees do not show up. It is the norm. A good recruiter will set hiring managers expectations in line with it. They do not wish to harass with professional ethics and logics. But, many recruiters (especially agency recruiters) develop a specialisation in a domain or profile. They work on various type of roles for multiple companies. Hence, the candidate is going to lose out on all the future calls from that particular recruiter at least. It is very normal for recruiters to present the same candidates to multiple clients if they find good candidates (not just technical skills-wise but relationships with a recruiter do matter a lot). Just drop SMS/WhatsApp/email to recruiter – that is it!

With these five points and sharing recruiter’s perspective, the idea is to sensitise the other side of story/perception. Similarly, you can think of all other touch-points (interactions) with the recruiter and anticipate the behaviour. The key is to be sensitive to each other’s needs. If done well – it will make your job search a very easy task. Just get into the skin of a recruiter to get the job done. All the best for the job search.

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