Masterclass on Corporate venturing and open innovation- opportunities for Startups to work with corporate

We are happy to bring “UpX Masterclass Series 2020: Corporate venturing and open innovation- opportunities for Startups to work with corporate”. This masterclass we are going to be talking about the golden opportunities for startups. How can they benefit collaborating with the corporates and why corporates would like to work with them. The synergies between startups and corporates which can help each other to do better business and create a larger impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our country.

The keynote speaker for Masterclass S M Rounaque Mustafa, CEO (IIM Lucknow- Incubator) was in conversation with Kavita Joshi, our PR Manager on “Corporate venturing and open innovation- opportunities for Startups to work with corporate”

This event was open to all the Founders, HR professionals and recruiters across all the industries.

Event Date: 18th July 2020

The session has two parts:

a.  Keynote speech by Masterclass Speaker

b.  15 mins Q & A session

Do watch to learn more about Corporate Venturing & Open Innovation Opportunities for Startups. Also, you can directly jump to the following pointers of the Masterclass:

[5:38] – Discussion on the valuation of startups. The $100 Billion valuation target of PayTM

[12:00] – Insight into the investing mindset of the Indian market. Does India have the big bucks to satiate the high investment required by its startups?

[14:30] – How can we create a big corpus for the startups in India?

[17:18] – Type of funding available for startups

[18:05] – Crowdfunding

[20:25] – Angel Investment

[22:58] – Venture Capital Firm

[24:40] – Corporate Venture Capital Firm

[26:10] – Open Innovation

[31:18] – Corporate Venture concept

[35:09] – Practices Adopted By Corporate Ventures

[36:14] – What is Corporate Venture Capital

[38:38] – Reservation for startups in Tender Bids

[45:00] – Value Added To Corporates

[46:28] – Difference between Corporate VC Firm and Independent VC Firms

[47:54] – Strategies to keep in mind while pitching to Corporate VCs

[49:26] – Most active Corporate VCs globally

[51:22] – Most active Corporate VCs in India

[52:12] – Participation of PSU in startups

[53:31] – Advice for startups

Questions & Answers:

[1:00:10] – The cash flow has dried up for plenty of reasons during the COVID-19 pandemic. What can startups do to survive during this time?

[1:02:49] – Indian corporates don’t seem very keen to invest as observed, mostly China & USA have been the major investors. Why? And how can we change this?

[1:10:57] – Despite the efforts, the Corporate Venture concept is yet to take off in our country. Whats steps can be taken to catalyse it?

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