Masterclass on Fintech Opportunity to software engineer

JobX – Fintech Opportunity for Software Engineers by Praloy Majumder Fintech is not just an enabler but the driving engine of the financial industry. It’s an application of finance and technology. A new way leading towards the future of finance operations for which we need skilled engineers to do the job. Let’s know, how and what it takes.

We are happy to bring “JobX Masterclass Series 2020: Fintech Opportunity to software engineer: How to prepare for it.”

The keynote speaker for Masterclass Praloy Majumder, Founder & CEO Disseminare Consulting was in conversation with Mihier, President of Ghaziabad Toastmasters Club of Toastmasters International.

This event was open to all the Founders, HR professionals and recruiters across all the industries.

Event Date: 29th August 2020

The session has two parts:

a.  Keynote speech by Masterclass Speaker

b.  15 mins Q & A session

Do watch to learn more about Fintech Opportunity to software engineer. Also, you can directly jump to the following pointers of the Masterclass:

[3:32] Definition of Fintech

[5:16] The advent of Fintech. How does it make a difference?

[7:22] How to bridge the gap between IT and Finance and make a career in Fintech?

[8:37] Prediction by Goldman Sachs in 2015

[11:50] Areas of Operation for Fintech

[12:13] Payment

[13:55] Loan Underwriting

[17:56] Trade Finance

[18:44] Account Opening (eg. e-KYC verification )

[19:43] Risk Management

[20:38] Private Wealth

[21:51] Timeline for the gradual adoption of Fintech in various finance sectors

[24:44] Technology and skillset required for Fintech

[31:52] Collaborative approach with Fintech – A case study

Questions & Answers:

[37:08] When a software engineer goes to a company for a job what they are really concerned about are Data structure and algorithms rather than domain knowledge, machine learning and languages like python. How to take the first step towards the direction of skills & knowledge required to pursue Fintech?

[40:05] How can people with specialisation in machine learning and data science apply for a job in Fintech?

[42:16] Banks in different countries have tried to manually correct the parameters on behalf of the AI to decide who will be provided with Credit. Which resulted in allegations like racial biasing, leading to the government overall opposing the application of fintech. Will this affect the growth of the industry in any way?

[44:58] The banking sector as a whole looks in a stressful situation. Be it due to corruption or high NPA or COVID-19. Now that the post lockdown moratorium period is about to end, what are your views on the same and how as an individual we can safeguard our interest?

[48:22] Fintech is going to automate a lot of processes which will turn a fraction of human workforce obsolete and lead to job losses. The government is aware of that once mass automation takes place but, there are also many government sector banks in operation where people are not very comfortable with adaptation to new technology. So there’s a contradiction of thoughts with the government. Will this lead to a delay in automation period?

[51:42] Should people from finance background also learn to program?

[52:54] How can Fintech utilise the blockchain technology in India?

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