Masterclass on Hiring Strategies for Leadership Roles in Startups

Hiring is not science but  art so one needs constant practice to eventually be better at it. There’s no foolproof way of hiring the best talent in the industry. No resume can tell a recruiter how sound he/she is when it comes to the particular skill that they are seeking. What we can do is follow a few guidelines and methodology in order to reduce the risk of hiring and investing in the wrong talent. We only become proficient in judging applicants with experience over time.

We are happy to bring “JobX Masterclass Series 2020: Hiring Strategies for Leadership Roles in Startups.”

The keynote speaker for Masterclass was Parul Kataria ( Vice President Talent Acquisition at EXL) who was in conversation with Umashanker Akharia, our CEO & Co-Founder.

This event was open to all the Founders, HR professionals and recruiters across all the industries.

Event Date: 25th July 2020

The session has two parts:

a.  Keynote speech by Masterclass Speaker

b.  15 mins Q & A session

Do watch to learn more about hiring strategies process of leadership roles. Also, you can directly jump to the following pointers of the Masterclass:

[06:04] – Things we should know before hiring a leader

[08:18] – Talent attracting strategies for start-ups

[09:11] – A start-up should cultivate a culture that appeals to the new talent.

[10:02] – Some more parameters to attract talent

[14:52] – Additional Tips

Questions & Answers

[27:48] – What is video JD? Please elaborate about all the things it comprises.

[29:51] – Who should be assigned the role for the creation of this video content? Will it be the HR and other professionals or the Founders & CXO?

[31:25] – A start-up is relatively a new initiative compared to businesses so how should we develop a culture and communicate it within a short span of time?

[36:12] – How to avoid impersonation in virtual interviews?

[40:40] – Do you recommend any digital assessment tools to help with this?

[42:02]  Are there any certifications you would recommend me for my team?

[43:16] – What tips would you give to candidates seeking leadership roles? How can they have an insight into the recruiters mind?

[46:16] – People who have worked long for one single company and have been promoted to something say, at CXO position have no prior job searching experience for leadership roles. What should be their first step?

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