Finding jobs is a bittersweet experience of entering adulthood and the real world. Post pandemic is going to be hard on everyone. Especially on the freshers and newly inexperienced youth. The way we used to function changed drastically. Now we are left with new socio-economic problems, where employment is much worse now than before. In an economy where the unemployment rate went to 24% at one point in time, It’s harder for freshers to find jobs without prior experience. Especially since most jobs would ask for job experience, ironically you would need a job to have said experience. Adulthood doesn’t come with an instruction manual, you just have to wing it as you go. It’s the same when it comes to finding a job, freshly out of school, with no guidance and no knowledge of resume building or experience, it all feels overwhelming and confusing.

Covid-19 did a number on the entire world. We had no other option but to go online and adapt to this pandemic. Yet taking care of businesses and jobs online was not an easy task. Many companies shut down and many went bankrupt. A lot of industries faced heavy backlash, those who were online struggled to adjust to their new environment. Where unemployment is reaching its peak and those with jobs are struggling,  finding a job is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why we are here, to save you some trouble and give you some tips on how to score a job.

Build your resume the right way

Your resume is the first thing your employers will see. Having a good resume is a must. The employer will look at your resume before they will look at you so it’s important to build your resume correctly. Learn how to make a proper resume. Your resume will give your first impression to your employer. Thus, it is wise to make sure that your resume has all your skills, talents, experience and expertise written down. In a conducted survey by, more than 40 HRs agreed that a 2-page neat and clear resume with a presentable cover letter increases any candidate’s chances of getting hired


Update your social media handles

Post lockdown, mostly everything has turned online. Due to this, social media is even more popular now than it was before. We can use this to our advantage and use social media accounts to advertise our skills and talents. By updating your LinkedIn or other social media accounts, you can catch the eye of potential employers. Make it easy for employers to find you, let people know you are available. Update your LinkedIn profile and fill in essential details to connect with others. LinkedIn helps you connect with the job world and lets others connect with you, your resume might not be seen by many but your LinkedIn profile definitely will. Use other apps like Facebook and Instagram to connect with experts in your field and learn from them and their experiences

Shortlist your desired jobs

Before applying for jobs, you must know what kind of field you want to go into. You should know your strengths and weaknesses, talents and which jobs you would love to work in. shortlisting your skills and talents makes it easier for the right employers to find you and for you to find your ideal jobs. Look where you can incorporate your skills. Look for ways where your talents and expertise can make a difference and play a role in different fields. Your key talents and skills play a vital role in finding the right job for you. Knowing your talents and skills makes it easier for other employers and the right companies to find you. Write down the shortlisted jobs that match your strength and are in the field you want to go in.

Apply through job portals

Job portals can be a wonderful way for finding freelance, part-time or full-time work. Job portals such as all have great opportunities for freelancing and freshers. You can easily find jobs for freshers and freelance work while directly connecting with the employer. Job portals are amazing ways to connect with potential employers and companies. Most guests employ freshers either through campus interviews or through job portals so it’s safe to say that job portals play a good role in finding jobs.

Sign up with

If you need help looking for a job, you are at the perfect place! Startup is a startup job portal for startups, any startup can post jobs on here for free. We have more than 51+ employers and 151+ jobs available currently. Because of cloud recruiters, it is easy to find employers that fit your requirements. Startup is the perfect platform for anyone looking to find jobs. We give interview training while searching for the perfect jobs just for you for free.

Apply, Apply and Apply

As a fresher, you might face rejection and failures but don’t let those refusals bring you down. Keep applying for recent job offers and internships. There is a job or an internship for you out there, so have patience and keep going. Stay up to date on startup website for more job opportunities. Look through job portals, different websites, your local stores, look everywhere. When there is a will, there is a way.

Start with an internship

After jobs, the next best thing is internships and getting an internship gives you the work experience you need along with making bonds in the fields you want to work in. currently has open internships for the recruiter, creative writer, content writer and social media marketing. Just like this, there are thousands of sites that are giving paid and unpaid internships to freshers. You can go on our website or connect with us and Apply for various internships offered by multiple companies. You can go to our website and look at the present internships that are available. Internship gives you an open road into the industry you want to work in, these internships can back you up and even get you hired.

Get referrals

Put out the word in your relatives and around the neighborhood that you are available for work. After campus interviews and job portals, personal referrals work the best while looking for a job. So make sure to connect with your family or friends and ask them for help. In an article written by QUARTZ, they mentioned that referrals increase your chances of getting hired by 40-50%.  

Finding jobs as freshers can be a lot like tumbling down a hill. With the help of you can safely reach the ground. The learning experience of finding a job is made easier. This pandemic had a great impact on the economy and even more so on the employment rate. The world we know has changed and evolved. We have to fill online forms, give virtual interviews, learn about media and new technology. In these confusing times, startup brings you the perfect opportunity to get hired and connect directly with your employers. We have AI-powered cloud recruiters and more than 51+ employers available with 151+ jobs and internships for freshers. Join our community today and let us do the work for you.

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