“If you can speak, you can influence, if you can influence you can change lives” – Rob brown

Public speaking is an essential skill to have. Knowing how to communicate well is a life skill that adds charms to not only your resume but your value as a person as well. There are times where we can’t speak what we want to because we do  not know how to express our thoughts and as years go by, it can be a huge hurdle in our life. Being a good negotiator and good speaker is  a needed skill, especially  in business.  You need to be a good communicator if you want to negotiate a deal or ask  for a pay raise or mark that best first impression in an interview.

This pandemic has isolated us from human contact. Being in lockdown, not being in the presence of another person within 6 feet for a year and a half has made some of us afraid to speak in person. Many of us have developed social anxiety and the ones with stage anxiety must be having an even harder time being able to talk to others or give their best in their work or office. With the help of tips and tricks  in this article, you will be able to run past all the hurdles and come out as a confident public speaker and great communicator.

  1. Join toastmasters

Toastmasters is an international platform for all levels of speakers to learn better communication skills, perfect their public speaking skills and sharpen their leadership qualities. You can attend toastmasters meeting as a guest to the gist of it, all you need to do is search the nearest toastmasters club near you and its next meeting and join the meeting. Toastmasters will teach you on how to be a better communicator, better leader and confident in yourself. To become a confident public speaker, join toastmasters and get a membership today!

2. Speak in front of a mirror

Now I know it sounds crazy but trust me on this one, many speakers have tried this method and it brought up some really good results. Now what will speaking in front of a mirror even do? Speaking in front of the mirror gives you the practice, privacy  and positivity you need. At first, you will be hesitant but as you try to speak in front of a mirror daily for at least 5 minutes, even if it’s just reciting a poem or short story, you will notice a difference in your body language, your speaking pattern and your confidence.

3. Join MUNs

Model United Nations is an educational simulation to better learn about diplomacy and international relations but not only that, it also provides a platform for you to learn and observe and speak. MUNs have many profiles to choose from and just by attending one or  two, you will be able to better your coherency with the language and how to negotiate. MUNs will not only give you the confidence boost, platform to speak on but also on how to use words properly in formal situations.

4. Read out loud every day

When I was doing theatre, our theatre master gave us an exercise to read out a story or book out loud every day to better our pronunciation and speaking and this technique would work every time. So take some time out of your day out reading out loud, pronouncing each word correctly and speaking in front of a mirror.  Reading out loud every day for 5 minuets will give you drastic results and you will improve in your speaking skills.

5. Act out scenes from movies or scripts from TV shows

Recite a scene out of your favorite movie out loud, with all the expressions and words and actions. Reciting a script or a play out loud or with a group of friends or your family can also be a bonding moment for you and your family,  it will greatly help in your body language and self expression. Public speaking is not only speaking but also your body language, your gestures, your expressions etc.  Improving your speaking skills can be fun as well so try these out and let us know in the comment if you enjoyed it!

6. Join our master classes

On our website you can access our master classes on how to combat interview anxiety and how to speak properly in front of a colleague and how to improve on your skills. We give great interview tips and insights in our master classes, make sure to scroll through it and try out the tips!

7. Don’t give up, keep trying

Learning can be hard, especially since the pandemic situation has made things worse so don’t get discouraged easily if you failed in speaking properly or did badly in an interview because of improper communication. There are more chances to come and even more opportunities available for you. You are already halfway through the staircase, don’t quit now. You will reach the destination.  

Learning how to improve your speaking skills can be a tough journey, combating your social anxiety or breaking out of your shell and learning to be more outspoken can be huge but with these tips, it will be a smooth process. Good luck on your journey of being a great speaker, you already are halfway through it!  Remember to have fun in the process and be obsessed with the journey, not the goal. You will get the result one day but it’s the effort that counts. My turn to speak is over, now the mic is yours.

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