As Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase”.

COVID-19 or Coronavirus has been spreading across the globe rapidly because of which businesses are facing many obstacles. Countries across the world are trying to deal with it in their ways.  Many countries decided to have a lockdown to “flatten the curve” of the cases. Shutting down businesses, stopping almost all economic activities, and making so many citizens stay at home has taken quite a toll on the economies because of which economies post-COVID will look very different as it will be in a recovery phase.

It has pushed the global economy into recession, which means the economy starts declining and growth terminates. For every country, recession brings many challenges which makes it tough for industries to strive and survive.  At the same time, it leads to ample opportunities for new-age organisations to grow and influence consumer behaviour for a long time. COVID will change how humans work and socialise for years to come. Companies need to bring changes and restructure to fit into the new realities that will arise. Industries that require close contact with other people like travel, restaurants, and others will recover slowly.

Jobs will be in demand post-COVID

With so much going on, what type of jobs will be in demand after this?
Here are some jobs that will leverage opportunities faster than others and create more employment.

#1 Jobs in Cyber Security

Cybersecurity will be at the core of the new era as every industry will adopt digital transformation. The development of safe and secure payment gateways and security walls will cause this market to grow. It will include the use of blockchain, application program interface (API), and other developments to look after cyber crimes and financial fraud.

In such a situation, the information technology employees, the cybersecurity engineers, and the cybersecurity risk management jobs have the greatest importance as these are significant for keeping infrastructural viability. Experts are playing a major role at present in bracing critical infrastructure, making the business institutions stay online, and helping the people to stay connected.

Cyber security is the core of new era

#2 Jobs in Logistics

Most Industries and companies are built around delivery models and a major portion of the population is relying on these delivery services during the pandemic and post COVID-19  will bring an even larger demand for this as the dimensions of distribution will increase. Increased efforts to promote self-sufficiency will cause expansion among regions and territories. The future of logistics will be made with high technology adoption and transportation additions would reduce cost, time, and waste.

The future of logistics will shape the world

#3 Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

A major shift in the economic relationship of humankind is going to be witnessed in the form of further adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the modes of production of goods and services. AI era is coming in the near future to solve today’s problems faster with the help of linking cloud computing and massive data.

AI and Robotics are making many developments in the healthcare industry, from genetic testing and robotic surgery to cancer research and data collection. In dermatology, AI is already used to detect skin cancer.

AI era will redefine the technology

#4 Jobs in Cloud Computing

Cloud will become the base of every company in the future. There will be rapid growth in cloud computing post-COVID-19 as it is affordable, easy to use, and extremely customised to requirements of scalability. Almost every industry is likely to move a larger workload of its company applications to the cloud. It will clarify the monitoring of resource consumption, and every service delivery will take advantage of this. It will also move beyond foundational infrastructure to cover every side of the organisation process, including sales and marketing.

Cloud computing is growing exponentially

#5 Jobs in healthcare

Demand for physician assistants, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners were already high before coronavirus. Team-based healthcare has created many jobs for these people who handle routine medical work like patient physicals and also work with doctors. The doctors have been the real heroes in these hard times. The pandemic increased growth in telemedicine services that had been struggling to grow for years and health-care providers will have to staff up to meet that rise in demand.

Healthcare sector will employ more staff

#6 Jobs in marketing

The marketing jobs were expected to grow at a significant pace over the next decade even before the pandemic. Marketing roles have many skills that are interchangeable between different industries, which could be extremely useful during the post-COVID-19 phase where some industries will thrive and some will recover slowly. Like, a person who is working in marketing for a hotel s/he can try to get a marketing role within healthcare by looking into the ways with which their marketing skills can contribute to healthcare. It is just a matter of modifying the resume.

Marketing people will always be in demand

#7 Jobs in eCommerce

E-commerce will have an exciting future with plenty of new categories joining it, making almost anything and everything available online. As data speeds and internet penetration will rise, the growth of e-commerce will be higher in developing economies. It can not be denied that post-COVID-19 e-commerce growth rate will surpass earlier levels.

Growth of E-commerce sector

#8 Jobs in online education

Education will be affected a lot post-COVID-19 as it will be making the most of the digital world on the fastest and largest scale. Traditional ways of teaching will become a thing of the past. It will be prominent in all levels of education from pre-school to higher education by offering flexibility to both students and teachers.

Student taking online classes

World post the pandemic won’t be like the ones we’ve been living in before. So let us embrace ourselves and make ourselves better so that we are not only emotionally but also professionally prepared for it. While the world will take time to recover, let us sharpen our skills to prepare for the future.

World post the pandemic won’t be like the ones we’ve been living in before and it will bring a lot of changes with it. So let us embrace ourselves and make ourselves better so that we are not only emotionally but also professionally prepared for it. While the world will take time to recover let us sharpen our skills to prepare for the future.

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