Emerging Skills to adapt post COVID - Mr Vishal Bansal - TA Lead, HP Inc

JobX Aug 21, 2020
Masterclass on Emerging Skills to adapt post COVID 

We are happy to bring “JobX Masterclass Series 2020: Emerging Skills to adapt for students in post-COVID World."

The keynote speaker for Masterclass Vishal Bansal, TA Lead (HP Inc) was in conversation with Kavita Joshi, our PR Manager.

This event was open to all the Founders, HR professionals and recruiters across all the industries.

Event Date: 15th August 2020

The session has two parts:

a.  Keynote speech by Masterclass Speaker

b.  15 mins Q & A session

Do watch to learn more about tips, tricks and Emerging skills trends of adapt.

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma is currently working as Head of MarCom at StartupJobIn. He is a certified creative writer, a coach, & a motivational speaker. He has authored ten books & empowers people through workshops

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