Masterclass on Tax Benefits for Startups

We are happy to bring “UpX Masterclass Series 2020: Tax Benefits for Startups.”

The keynote speaker for Masterclass Ankur Kumar, Tax Investigator was in conversation with Kavita Joshi, our PR Manager on “Tax Benefits for Startups”

This event was open to all the Founders, HR professionals and recruiters across all the industries.

Event Date: 5th September 2020

The session has two parts:

a.  Keynote speech by Masterclass Speaker

b.  15 mins Q & A session

Do watch to learn more about tax benefits for startups and how to get them. Also, you can directly jump to the following pointers of the Masterclass:

[10:30] – Legal definition of a startup by Dept. of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT)

[15:50] – Why do we need startups?


[19:26] – Deduction of profits under Section 80 – IAC

[21:51] – Exemption from tax on long-term capital gains

[23:59] – Relaxed set off and carry-forward of losses

[26:03] – Tax exemptions for individuals on long-term capital gains

[28:46] – Grievance Redressal Cell

[30:32] – How to avail these benefits?

[33:24] – Questions & Answers

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