Masterclass on Tech Roles Hiring in Startups

We are happy to bring another JobX masterclass with Umashanker Akharia, CEO & Co-Founder at on “Tech Roles Hiring in Startups”.

Speaker’s LinkedIn profile link:

The session was moderated by Rahul Sharma, Head of MarCom,

The session has two parts:

a.  Keynote speech by Masterclass Speaker

b.  15 mins Q & A session

Speaking of start-ups our attention would be on the ones which are at the nascent stage of development. Now there are various levels of start-up funding: Level A, B, C.. where these start-ups come under the first level. Capital generation for their corpus comes from the founders, contributions made by friends and family, crowd-funding, to going as far as to being Seed Funded. We will further get an insight as to why these ventures at such an early phase are special for the individuals who are looking for jobs in the tech industry.

[06:25] Roles are available for a technical person in a start-up.

[10:39] Why should you join a start-up when they are at the very early stage of growth?

[15:56] Things to avoid while applying for a job in a start-up.

[18:20] Helpful pointers to apply for a job in a start-up.

[24:19] As an engineering graduate who spent 4 years learning in college and has
gained other relevant experiences, why should they be a part of a start-up when they offer negligible monetary compensation? Which according to the society’s impression is even lower than what cooks, drivers and other non-skilled workers are being paid?

[31:41] What is the minimum time I need to stay with a start-up? And after that time period should I switch to another company or should I continue with the same?

Do watch to learn more about Tech Roles hiring in Startups.

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