Time Management Hacks

time hacks Jul 18, 2020

Time management is the process of directing on how much time is invested/spent on a certain activity. Time management is the skill in demand very few have. And if you know the art of time management well, then you will be in high demand.

Let's get to know some powerful ways for effective time management.

1. Set SMART Goals: Set your time-bound goals first. Just having any irrelevant goal won't help you. Remember, your goals should motivate you, push you and help you grow. Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-oriented.

Set your goals

2. Prioritise wisely: First things first. Set your priority on urgent tasks at hand first, on important tasks second and other tasks third. It will ease your work and your productivity will increase. You can prioritise based on the deadline.

Always prioritise your goals

3. Create a timeline for each task: Set a deadline for each task. And try to stick to it. You can set a list of urgent and important tasks with their date to complete them. A goal without a timeline is merely a wish. So set the achievable deadline for every task and stick it in front of you.

Set a timeline to achieve the goals

4. Assign the right people: Assign tasks to people according to their strengths and calibre. Sometimes, talented people don't complete tasks assigned as they don't find the work monotonous. So, keep innovating. Give them challenging assignments and help them grow while they complete assigned tasks.

Delegate the work to right people

5. Start your tasks on time. Time is money. So start your day early and with high energy. Plan and schedule the whole day in advance and make a list of tasks to do in the right order. The more you delay to start any task, the worse it gets for you complete it on time. Get out from the trap of procrastination. It will hinder your growth. Start your work and meetings on time and shine.

Start and finish your work on time

So either you manage your time and take the charge or time manages you and controls your life. We all have just twenty-four hours every day. Let's pledge to be successful in managing the time effectively for success.

With the tips shared, you can plan and execute your day to maximise your potential to achieve massive success!

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma is currently working as Head of MarCom at StartupJobIn. He is a certified creative writer, a coach, & a motivational speaker. He has authored ten books & empowers people through workshops

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