Tips for Working from Anywhere

work from anywhere Jun 16, 2020

Working from anywhere is an emerging trend now. Companies realise it's even more beneficial than work from home for people to be working from any place in the world on their terms where they feel the most productive at and getting the job done.

Here are some tips for working from anywhere!

#1 Battery and Connectivity

Carry portable batteries and required dongles with you so that you can charge your phone anytime. Prefer a dim venue to work at since there you can decrease the brightness of your laptop screen and save your battery during work. Wifi connectivity is of paramount importance for any remote worker. Make sure whichever place you choose to work at has a good wifi connection. Some applications help you to check the workspaces' connection speed in advance.

Carry phone charger and portable batteries

#2 Credit, Cash and Digital Payments

Make sure you have all ways to pay with you. Despite the convenience that plastic money (credit and debit cards) or digital money (Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe) brings in, not every place you go to is necessarily equipped for them.  You have to be ready with some cash as well at all times.

Carry some cash always

#3 Hunger and Comfort

Your body and mind function better if you get the fuel, that is, food on time. It is hard to work when your stomach keeps sending signals that it needs food. Have enough fuel in your system for you to work at your best. If you don't want to spend on food again and again while working outdoors, just grab a snack like a fruit or a nutrition bar. Also, make sure you're comfortable wherever you are. Check the weather forecast before you plan going out.  You can carry a light jacket or scarf as too much cooling from the A/C during summers can make you shiver badly and might affect your work.

Eat food on time

#4 Earphones and Phone number

To make sure that you are at all times ready for meetings or phone calls. You must always have good quality earphones to attend calls with proper interaction, privacy and better sound quality. You should have a portable phone number that can ring multiple phones and have international numbers with you when you're traveling between nations and a roaming pack when you're moving within the country to avoid any network issues.

Quality headphones are must for privacy

#5 Store Electronically

Handling multiple papers while working is a tough task. Make sure you don't lose them especially when you're working from some cafe or while traveling. You can carry a small diary for to-do lists. To make your work easy, it is good to store your data, notes and important information electronically in pdf documents or on google docs or E-notebooks.

Save data electronically

#6 Be Ready to Present your ideas

When you're coming up with some ideas you should write them down in a diary or in a notepad. During brainstorming activity in a group you need a proper way to explain your ideas. If, in case, you're going to a working space carry a marker along. You never know when you get an opportunity to share ideas with like-minded people. So always you should be ready with something to write on.

Keep a marker 

#7 Right Place

Right places are always beneficial to you.  Let's suppose you're working from a coffee shop and can easily order a small-sized drink with a burger so that you don't have to waste time on finding food. Also, try to not face a busy street as it can be a major distraction while you're trying to get work done. Your four-legged children (your dogs and cats) can be a great companion when you're doing your work and you won't have to feel bad or worry about leaving them at home and you can just look for pet-friendly places online.

Find a right place to work

So, work from anywhere gives you a lot freedom and at the same time it could give you a headache. Prevention is better than cure so if you take care of above said points you will enjoy your work and perform better.

Riya Sharma

An optimist who loves to create.

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