In the current scenario, almost all the organisations are conducting online job interviews. We have already shared 6 tips before facing an online job interview. This article covers tips on what to do on the day of interview and how to prepare well in advance to succeed in it. And do not forget that online interviews are as important as in-person interviews.

Lets find out 6 tips on how to get ready for online job interview:

  1. Test the Software:

At first, download the software which will be used for online interview and test the software. Get to know the different functions so that you’ll get used to it. Also, create a professional username as it appears on your resume.

2. Check your background:

In an online interview, your background matters. It marks an impression. So clear any clutter that might show up on the screen. At times, it might distract the interviewer visually. It also gives an assumption that you are disorganized.

3. Keep a pen and paper handy:

As they say, old is gold. Always keep a piece of paper and a pen ready. You might be given a task to perform or you might need to write down some important points during the interview. When you have the right tools at the right time, you always have an upper hand on the situation.

4. Keep your resume in sight:

Your resume is the passport to your dream job. Always keep it updated and handy. It doesn’t matter if it’s an online or in-person interview. Have at least  two fresh copies of your resume and keep them in your sightline.  During the online interview , you might have to refer to particular dates, your job titles, or some references.

5. Look Directly into the Camera:

Online interviews are way different than in-person interviews. Here, when your interview starts instead of looking at the interviewer you might be tempted to look around the room. You even might look at the keyboard or even to yourself how you look. Remember to bring the focus on making a direct eye contact with the interviewer. Just look directly into the camera. And bring on a small smile on your face.

6. Stay calm:

Just staying calm in an interview is winning the half battle. Just imagine you are in an actual interview so speak in a conversational voice. Listen to the questions attentively and reply when you are asked to. Don’t try to influence the interviewer by speaking more and not allowing him to ask further.

I know you want to crack the interview and want to secure a job. Proper planning and practice always help. Don’t wait for the day of interview to come. You can start practicing now.

Just take out your resume and read it carefully line by line. Based on the mock interviews, you can practice well. You can find answers on how to speak on certain topics you are weak at. With practice, you will gain enough confidence to easily crack any interview anytime.  

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