Why Attend A Webinar?

A webinar is also termed as a web seminar. It is a presentation or a conference on web where people can attend it from their computers.

Webinars typically consist of either live video, slideshow, or screen sharing (or a combination of the three), along with live audio.

Anyone in the world from any geography can attend a Webinar and thus acquire knowledge or a set of skills. That is why webinars have gained so much popularity in recent time.

What do you get by attending a webinar?

Well, for starters, you get a lot of business-critical information. It provides you with guidance and right direction relevant to your field, without taking too much of your time.

Below are the top five reasons for you to attend webinars and how they will support you in your career:

1- Important for your Career Development

Learning is a lifelong concept that helps you stand out from your competitors. It doesn’t matter if you are an IT professional, an entrepreneur or a trainer every industry will always be in a constant state of transition. If you stop being up to date with the current trends that are influencing the market, then you will be left behind.

The real benefit of attending webinars is that they are uniquely positioned to provide timely and relevant information specifically designed for needs of your industry.

2- Networking Opportunities

Ignite your networking flame with online connections. One should not underestimate the power of online connections!

A webinar is a platform which gives you many amazing opportunities to connect with hosts and collaborate with like-minded attendees from different industries. You can get the most out of the digital experience and ask a follow-up question in real-time or communicate with fellow members in the questions and comments section. If not anything, you’ll increase your LinkedIn followers!

3- Hello Convenience

Webinars require little to no effort – just an online invitation, quick sign-up and a connection to the Internet. You can also request the archived version at any time later.

Unlike the typical conferences or workshops, you do not require to take extensive time off work to travel, sit through lengthy non-engaging speeches or interact with that awkward stranger placed next to you. You can watch a webinar from the comfort of your couch with a mug of coffee in hand or a piece of cake.

4- Stand Out From the Crowd

If your knowledge trails back, you cease to compete with your competitors. Expanding the acumen of your knowledge and intelligence will help you in standing out.

The more you know, the better you can contribute to an organisation. It helps to increase your impact at work and your manager will notice. For promotions and future career moves, this stands you in good stead.

5- Learn From the Pros

Gathering information from the top executives within your industry can be a challenge. And while it’s not as personal as an in-person meeting or conference call, a webinar can put you (digitally) in the room with professionals willing to share their expert insights.

Where else can you learn directly from Fortune 500 brands’ VPs and board members-all from the comfort and convenience of your office?

Without a shadow of doubt, webinars give you new ideas and help building a strong network of like-minded people.

The next time you see a webinar calendar reminder, don’t be too quick to dismiss it. Login, learn something new, gain a spark of inspiration. Who knows where it may lead?

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