Why do I need a cover letter? My resume explains my qualification! Why should I include a cover letter? Is it necessary to craft a cover letter? We do not give the same amount of attention to cover letter as we pay to resume. Well, your cover letter is as important as your resume.

When writing a resume you at times confined by the space, by keywords, and the way your resume speaks. You’re up against a lot of technicalities, wherein with the cover letter you have an opportunity to craft a plot that aligns you with the position you’re applying for.

For many recruiters or resume screeners, your cover letter explains in which position you’re interested in and why you’re interested in the position and how you’re qualified.

Your cover letter explains what value you bring to the company.

What is the Purpose of a Cover Letter?

The main purpose of the cover letter is to interest the recruiter in reading your resume. As the resume has been changed to meet the requirements of the work, the objective of the cover letter is to:

1. Explain why you want to work in the company you’re applying

2. Summarize the most important qualifications

3. Thank them for their time and state your intentions for the follow up.

The Format Of Cover Letter

A common question that will be in your mind, that how to create an attractive cover letter that will gain the attention of the employer?

Three Paragraphs all you need for a cover letter.

Opening Paragraph (Explain why are you writing)

· In response to an advertisement or someone referred you

· Explain why you want to work for the company/ what interests you

· Use your knowledge of the company

· Make the first paragraph interesting

Skill Summary (Explain why you’re Qualified)

· Keep it brief and be specific

· Use 3-5 bullet points

· When responding to a job posting, match your top skills with what they’re looking for in the job

Closing Paragraph (Thank them and explain you next steps)

· Thank them for considering your resume

· Let them know you’ll be calling for the follow-up

The Key Elements for a Great Cover Letter

Crafting a cover letter is easy but creating the one which will work for is a bit hard. Here are the elements that you should have for a great cover letter.

An Engaging Opening Line

Your opening line is everything. How you start a cover letter influences whether someone keeps reading or skips it – but you want them to read and engage right?

Start with something that immediately connects you with the company is important, something that tells the company that this, not a generic cover letter.

A Clear Pitch

The part where you’re selling yourself for the position and explaining and convincing, why you’re qualified for the position.

This section should have a balance of hard and soft skills. Highlight your experience, your abilities and use salesforce or SEO work and get those job description keywords in for sales job.

Few other elements for your cover letter

Address your cover letter to a person. Don’t use “To whom it may concern” or dear/respected sir or madam. Make it personalized and real. People don’t talk that way so why would they read it if it’s not personalized.

Put your contact information there, including your name, phone number, email.

Keep ATS in mind. ATS can’t read complex formatting, keep your font and layout simple and easy to read.

Sample of a Cover letter

I know you want some sample letter so here is one:

Richard Paul  

State, India, Phone number, Email



Name, Job title



City-state zip

RE: Sales representative

Dear Name:

I recently spoke with Rajiv Kumar, who recommended for the Sales Representative position. I share my interest and qualifications for the sales representative position available at (Name of company). This is precisely the type of position  I am looking for, as it will allow me to utilize many of my (creative lead generation, etc) skills, yet more importantly, (some other compelling reasons).

Please allow me to summarize the key qualifications that present me as the ideal candidate:

·       Over 6 years of experience (sales role in B2B, entrepreneurial spirit and varied roles face to face sales strategies).

·       (state something about your reputation)

·       (include how you take initiatives )

You will find my resume attached, which further outlines my competencies and passion for the independent sales representative position.

I look forward to following up with you on (date) to see where you are in the review process and what the next step will be. Thank you so much for your consideration and time.


Richard Paul

Sales Representative

Phone Number



For more samples of cover letters check out the muse, which has some amazing samples of cover letters.

The Bottom Line

Recruiters and hiring managers read hundreds of cover letters and resumes, so make sure your cover letter is not generic. So put efforts in crafting a good cover letter that stands out from other candidates. Make sure that you follow up once you’ve submitted the letter.

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