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work from anywhere Jun 12, 2020

Man is distracted while Work from home

Although work from home has been popular for quite some time now, it has been a saviour in these testing times. WFH is not an ideal situation to be in for everyone as the internet keeps bothering, the dog walker isn't coming, schools are closed so kids are at home and you can't go out because of which everything can go haywire and things can be really tough to deal with and it might cost you your productivity or the peace in your personal life.

Research suggests that now WFH's hour has come and it will be taken over by a new way of working that is WORK FROM ANYWHERE.

Work from anywhere is when employees complete their tasks from outside the office, this does not necessarily have to be from their own home but it can be from anywhere in the world. Imagine you can be at a pet cafe spending a day out with your pet and work at the same time or you can be in the most beautiful and far off cities from your office and still get to do your job or you can be at the hospital where a sick loved one is located or at the beach or anywhere and you won't have to worry about rejoining office and going to the same place every day to work because you can do it anywhere. You get to spend time with your loved ones and you lead a healthy life both mentally and physically.

A study shows that the average worker is willing to get paid less for the flexibility of getting to work from home which means that employees value flexibility over monetary value and in this case, with work from anywhere they get geographic flexibility. It gives you the kind of freedom that WFH does not as you can work from any place where you feel the most productive.

Flexibility does not mean constantly changing things but it means that we have the liberty to change things whenever we feel like or need to. We can adapt our schedules in our ways to get work done. But what if a person likes working in an office with his colleagues? That's the point of it that WFA means ANYWHERE, even the office you go to. It is totally up to you. This means that WFA perfectly looks after the liberty and dynamism our schedules deserve.

But Why Work from Anywhere?

Here are some reasons why work from anywhere is beneficial for the companies as well as the employees.

#1  Job Satisfaction

Employees that are content and happy with their jobs put in the best they can into their work by working diligently and smartly and work genuinely to satisfy the customers. A satisfied worker leads to a satisfied customer which leads to profitability and better productivity.

Happy employee

#2 Better Productivity

A study shows that employees who are allowed to work from anywhere they wish to and feel most comfortable at, go beyond their limits, and get a lot of work done are 20% more productive. These employees who work remotely are more willing to work overtime than others and are less distracted. Since these employees can pick the place and time for their work they turn out to be more productive.

Man completing tasks

#3 Employees can Work even when they are Sick

Employees end up taking an entire day off when they fall sick and that compromises with your workflow. But when you can work from anywhere you can even work when you're sick from your comfort place like the bed. WFA provides you the liberty to fix your schedule in such a way that you can work whenever your health feels better and get it done.

Sick person can work from anywhere

#4 Your Schedule is prepared by You

Here you can work from any place in the world at any time you want to. A flexible schedule helps you in maintaining a better balance between your personal and professional life. It's all on you when you want to work if you're more productive in the day you work at that time and if you're more productive at night then you can work at that time. You can take breaks whenever you wish to and eat, sleep, read, watch something, or do anything that relaxes you and get back to work. This freedom of getting the work done according to your schedule makes you work at your best potential. And you will love your work and company more.

Plan your schedule

#5 Saves company's and worker's money

Organisations that allow employees to work from home or anywhere save a lot of their expenses since they don't require the usually sized workspace packed with people. The employees save a lot of their daily expenses like transportation, wardrobe, rent, etc. It also saves time and energy of the employees. It is a win-win situation for organisations and employees.

Savings for employees and companies

It's not just about social distancing or saving money, this way of working is an investment in the well-being of the employees, their productivity, and ultimately, profitability. And if you are the leader of the company, you can at least experiment it.

Riya Sharma

An optimist who loves to create.

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